Parsnetsis in a glance

Parsnetsis is one of the Sepas holding subset companies that started its work on 2006 in Kish Island-Iran. Providing new services is one of the main goals which is achieved by examining technical and organizational projects and using latest technologies. Relying on technologies and supporting key positions and utilizing the best specialists, Parsnetsis Company has sought to increase profitability and efficiency in addition to reducing performance.
Parsnetsis products and services are divided in two fields including the following:
• Global Distribution System (GDS)
• Tourism Services Sale Website (SAFAR.COM)
• Central Reservation System (CRS)
• Shana Travel Agencies
• Airport Ground Services Platform
• Flight Permission Platform
• Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP)
• Financials Gateways Infrastructure (Netsispay)
• E-wallet Infrastructure
• Costumer Club

Parsnetsis Costumers