About Us

Netsis Samaneh Kish Company, a subset of Sepas Holding, was established in 2006 as Turkish Netsis Company partner in Kish Island-Iran. With supervision of experienced specialists and based on the successful technical-operational projects the company has launched and presented service-products in three main area:

A) Sales, Establishment, training and support of ERP software

With cooperation of Turkish experts, Parsnetsis set up and supported ERP services in various industries. The ERP provided by Parsnetsis helps establishing information flows between all parts of the organization, including finance, accounting, human resources, supply chain and customer management. Parsnetsis services in this area include providing ERP software solutions for medium to large organizations in manufacturing, commercial industries, even small businesses and startups. Other services such as training, deployment and support of software solutions are included.

B)Global distribution System (GDS)

Parsnetsis provides tourism infrastructure to meet the needs of customers to supply flight, hotel, tour, car rental, accommodation, train, bus and ext. in just one package. Parsnetsis GDS infrastructure is ready to service agencies, hotels, tourism product sales websites (OTAs), hotel sellers’ warranties, charters and other actors in tourism industry. A complete set of required services and everything which is expected is available.
In addition to XML labels, Parsnetsis provides the mentioned services to customers who work B2C with a mobile application.

C) Online Insurance Sales Infrastructure

By providing the infrastructure to develop an online insurance business, Parsnetsis has created the opportunity to launch your own online insurance business with a cost-effective investment. With an user-friendly UI design, providing sales and online issuance services for various insurance kinds, as well as free insurance policy management consultants to provide a full package.
In order to use existing capacities relied on intelligent, dynamic specialists Parsnetsis tries to create software platforms and utilizes latest technologies with minimum operation cost and maximum profitability and efficiency.