Parsnetsis Samaneh Kish Company constantly tries to achieve latest technologies in its field of activities, relying on its technical and specialized infrastructure and comprehensive organizational projects to make more social security and profitability for organizations and people.


In order to use existing capacities relied on intelligent, dynamic specialists Parsnetsis tries to create software platforms and utilizes latest technologies with minimum operation cost and maximum profitability and efficiency.
Parsnetsis cooperates with domestic and foreign companies to exchange knowledge and technologies on one hand, and utilizes the existing capacities of companies in the same field of work on the other hand as one of the basic principles Pursues. The management of the company is always based on software and hardware tools and the system infrastructure creation to control and manage operations
Also, completion and development of technical, operational and system facilities in the company as a principle is always seriously pursued.

Operational Strategies

– Involving in different industries
– Maintaining and continuing quality indicators of the company in field of software presentation competitively
– Upgrading presented systems with supervision of main company in Turkey in order to remain in the competitive market.
– Operating service-based projects with financial support in order to future investment.
– Designing, creating and participating in specific projects in line with strategic goals of the company
– Providing suggested packages of EPR and RF/ID systems to empower client’s competitiveness and comfort.
– Providing high quality products in mentioned fields to make an effective presence and activity for companies and organizations.

Strategic Strategy

– Emphasis on financial independence and profitability of each major industry
– Continue to take the lead in presenting new designs, activities and maintaining dynamism and agility in the company management
– Emphasis on expanding representative offices in all cities of the country and supporting them to expand their presence in large operational projects
– Effective presence in national financial economical cycles in the country specially in software market with maintaining structural independency in decision making and management.