Pars GDS Introduction

Why Pars GDS?

Direct connection of an online tourism supplier has lots of challenges, extra cost and effort, requires an expert team and many contracts and paper works with integrating many international providers and financial clearance for each one. So, this inconvenient void between suppliers and providers was the starting point of investment on Pars GDS project to play an important role in tourism industry. Also, to avoid providing separated tourism services and make a strong connection between suppliers and each provider into one single tourism webservice.

Travel agencies can safely access all sort of products and different solutions with Pars GDS.

Advantages of Pars GDS

With variety services of Pars GDS ,choose how to connect to the online platform

  • Connect to all sorts of tourism services
  • Launch with lowest cost possible
  • Ability to choose providers
  • Supporting different payment methods
  • Capacity management of charter flights and hotel guaranty

Define and Manage Tour Packages

Defining one cohesive tour package with online capacity management has always been one of suppliers and tour operator’s needs. Presented online panel is able to define, manage and control all sorts of tour packages. With this panel agencies are able to manage all details such as flight, accommodation, transfer, specialize places and other required services on the destination in specific time periods and capacities.

Customer Club

The customer club service with an exclusive feature of connection to the Shetak network is an extension that in addition to the existing services, users gain points by becoming a member of this club and become loyal members. Enables them to spend and earn points to buy other products on your website to benefit from buying and spending points in other clubs related to the stock network.

White Label

If you have a target website and you want to increase the possibility of selling tourism products, the white label service is for you. With this service it is possible to become an online store of tourism products without the slightest interference in the appearance of web pages or mobile applications. This new feature will appeal to a wide range of your users.

Hotel Channel Manager Panel

Since there are numerous connection and sales request from GDS and OTAs worldwide, it means these requests require a Hotel Channel Manager. Hotels and Hotel Guarantees can manage and connect all room capacity and sale requests from GDS and online agencies with this Hotel Channel Manager. Therefore, the hotel will be able to achieve the maximum room occupancy by managing sales methods without having to deal with technical and operational problems.


Integrated services with standard software protocols, provides quick and easy access to clients who want to control and navigate their websites.

Indigenous Accommodation Manager Panel

There are untouched exquisite attractions in different parts of country. With connecting to this channel in form of a standard service and presentable on different international payment gateways so tourists from all over the world can travel based on their budget. Renting local accommodations causes employment and profit.

Mobile Application

You may have thousands of customers who trust you with their travel planning. To have a satisfying mobile application which makes your whole reservation and sale process easier, you don’t necessarily have to take a long road. Having an online travel application not only helps you to keep you customers, but also attract other tourists and travelers since you offer easy access service to your clients to keep them satisfied.

Although, it is the agency who gets to choose. Having a website is not required and can be installed on Android, iOS and ext.

Tourism Website Design

Since entering a travel agency into IT world and providing online services may not be reasonable, presence of one in competitive digital market with connecting to Pars GDS core can consolidate its position. Only with defining one domain, the agency can have a suitable website based on their needs and services to be seen by millions of travelers as quick as possible. So, customers can reserve and purchase their tickets without direct presence or phone call. An online travel website can guaranty of turning an agency into a powerful tourism branch in online world.