Business Partners and Representatives

Netsis provides software solutions for companies of all dimensions in various sectors of industry, manufacturing and trade in accordance with the latest technology in the world and international standards. Relying on years of experience, the company has fully automated performance process of 35,000 organizations in different countries. With specialized project and support teams who have prioritized 100% customer satisfaction and integrated future technology and products with an attitude based on advancing different customer goals in a competitive market and using various Netsis products that can easily adapt to the class and dimensions of any companies, the company has improved its image of success every day. Through the journey, Netsis had differentiated itself by being a pioneer in software industry.
The company has local offices in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Izmir tech institute (Teknopark) and around 400 business partners are receiving services.
Netsis has established Branches in Iran, Egypt, Ukraine and Azerbaijan in cooperation with local organizations.
As a leader in the enterprise programming market, the company has expanded its operations from Izmir, Turkey to the international market and is one of the first names in the Middle East and Europe to The word ERP is linked.
Netsis also ranked first in the book “Research on ERP systems offered in the market” by the Productivity Management of the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Research, as the software that had the highest customer preference in the market in June 2012.
Other achievements of the company include ISO9001 quality certification, Business Software of the Year Award from Microsoft and The Best Database Conversion Award from Oracle.

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